Male to female transformation style micro shorts. Can be used as underwear, swimwear or both. Repackages the penis to look like a small vagina.

Spandex Men’s Underwear is as Normal as Any Other Underwear Design

Trying out spandex men’s underwear for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of your life as well as one of the most awkward moments. Most guys are used to wearing underwear and some of them are even used to wearing spandex. But when it comes to combining the two of these options guys seem to look in the other direction and hope that no one notices them. They don’t think that you can wear sexy underwear and doing so makes you some kind of a pervert.

The truth is wearing spandex men’s underwear is probably the most comfortable thing you can do these days. Once you get them on you can feel the stress melt away and a smile begin to form on your lips. It truly is a life changing event for most guys and something that everyone should try at least once. If you don’t believe this than order a pair and see for yourself how great they are. Just be prepared to buy some more of them because that is usually what happens after trying on just one.

Spandex Men’s Underwear for that Smooth Look

Typically, guys like for their slacks or jeans to fit smoothly over their tight, toned asses. The way that they have found to make this happen flawlessly is to purchase spandex men’s underwear. The spandex underwear tends to provide a very sexy smoothness to the appearance of a man’s ass, making it very watchable as he walks into a club, a restaurant, his office or just down the sidewalk. The item that seems to work best in this endeavor is underwear created from spandex. To insure that seamless look, you should probably choose bikinis, boxers or briefs. You could always go for thongs, micro bikinis or G-strings, but they might not have the same effect. The smooth look might not be there as much but the spandex will still make you quite comfortable. Of course, these selections are all up to you, but you might want to get the opinion of someone you know well and trust before making your final decision.   

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