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Spandex Men's Underwear

Are you ready for the ride of your life? We can help you with your spandex men's underwear dreams and fantasies. This site is about us and our number one fetish, we love spandex, spandex swimwear, spandex tights, spandex running shorts and best of all spandex men's underwear. We will offer reviews on the latest styles, information about hot underwear parties and our take on what the hottest trends are in the world of men's underwear. Our little group of guys that run this site all have big time underwear fetishes, my guess is you might to since you found our unusual little spot on the web. We are aficionados of men's panties, the sexier the better. Personally I love wearing thongs and G-strings. I wear spandex underwear that is as small as what the girls at my gym wear under a pair of spandex tights though sometimes I go sans panties. My choice of swimwear is the same. No matter how busy the beach is a thong is the largest swimsuit I will wear even when taking strolls on the beach with boyfriends and girlfriends. I hope you enjoy this site and keep checking in for the latest updates.


Spandex Men’s Underwear

If you are a man who is fashion conscious, it comes as no surprise that spandex men’s underwear is high on your list of favorite, sexy garments. Of course, if you have been sheltered from all good things in the world, it is possible that you have not heard of these or seen them. You must fix that mistake immediately! While you may have worn spandex swimwear in the past, it is entirely possible that you just have never considered that your underwear might also be made from spandex. You see, spandex works quite the same in underwear as it does swimwear. It comes in all styles and colors. It also brings the breathing quality with it that men tend to always mention in a positive opinion. This feature, in particular, has been talked about quite a bit. Lots of guys go commando whenever possible, but spandex underwear gives them another option. Just try it and see.